Traits of Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Eagerly embracing humility, gratitude and change on a minute-by-minute basis – my lesson learned from being an entrepreneur.  My new baby, Human Catalyst, is my sixth startup.  A number of articles define the difference between being a business owner and an entrepreneur. In the end it amounts to the quality of the idea (from a great idea to help community solve a problem to a big idea to transform the world and disrupt it) and the risks inherent in the type of activities (business owners bear the greater risks than their employees while entrepreneurs take risks that involve other people’s money).

But beyond risks what are the qualities I am learning we each must possess to be successful. BBB Boston suggests: credit


Business owner
-Hard Working
-Goal Oriented
-Quality Conscious
-Good Communicator

My experience tells me that a combined list is the ideal for start-ups, particularly when paired with the concepts of M.A.P.R.R. – sounds daunting but it is not.

§  A mastery of skills

§  The autonomy to be flexible and creative but goal oriented,

§  Passionate about living out your purpose

§  Fostering a work culture that recognizes people for good work

§  Building relationships and communicate your value;

Let’s go out and take some risks and become the heart of our organizations!